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Dear Friend,

I'm writing a note to let you know about President Bush's attack on overtime pay rules and protections. A lot of people will lose overtime pay when this goes through in the next couple of months. The U.S. Senate is set to block the Bush overtime pay take-away on Tuesday, Jan. 20. Please act today. It is urgent.

We need to join together and speak out in order to stop this. You can send a letter asking senators to act to block Bush's overtime pay take-away by clicking on the link below. It is free, easy and fast.


Ken Plants - SC

Fellow Democrats:

Please don't criticize the Republicans for using that picture of Bush taken on September 11. It is the perfect picture to represent this administration. See letter to editor below.

Dear Editor:

The Republican Party chose, as representative of this administration, the picture of Mr. Bush aboard Air Force One, fleeing to Nebraska after the attack on New York City and on Washington DC. That picture says it all.

While the Republican mayor of New York raced from his office to ground zero, while the Republican governor of New York left the safety of Albany for the city that was attacked, the citizens of Washington DC looked in vain for the "Resident" and the "Vice-Resident." They were both out of town.

Mr. Bush said later that he would have returned to Washington, but the Secret Service wouldn't let him. Awww, poor baby.

Now Mr. Bush attempts to excuse his failure to act on timely warnings of an expected terrorist airline highjacking. They weren't specific enough. Well, the reports did leave out the names on the airplanes. But how much trouble would it have been to have federal security people meet with all domestic airlines and set up some safeguards and contingency plans?

Mr. Gore, when he was vice-president, tried his best to get congress to pass an airline security law for domestic flights. The Republican congress and the airlines successfully resisted additional security because of cost considerations. But in view of the information Mr. Bush received in August 2001, a reasonable administration would have set up some emergency procedures.

The truth is that it doesn't matter how good your intelligence is if your report ends up on the desk of a clueless, spoiled, slacker. Mr. Bush tells us he is committed to the safety of the American people. I expect he is exactly as committed to his duties as president as he was to his duties as lieutenant in the Air National Guard. And we all know how that went.

Barbara Rochelle