Bipartisanship or Democratic Disappearance Act

By Wayne Spencer - September 26, 2001

Since September 11th we have heard a lot about "bipartisanship." The president has spoken about it and our Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have said little else that has been reported.

I am getting the impression that this is not a call for bipartisanship but rather a call for Democrats to "shut up" and let the Republicans move forward on their right-wing agenda.

First they passed the 1.3 billion dollar Star Wars package. Star Wars, a system which cannot produce a single positive test result even when the cards are stacked in its favor. A system that even if it could be made to work could be easily overwhelmed by an inexpensive offense. The money wasted at this time is not adding to our military capability but rather is reducing our economic strength. Economic strength which is so crucial now.

The Republicans are also moving ahead with their tax cut on capital gains. A time when the administration is calling for sacrifices from the American people does not seem like a good time to pursue further tax cuts for the wealthy.

Where are our Democratic leaders? And why are they not pushing for rescinding the 1.3 trillion dollar tax cut as a way of helping the "war effort" and the economy?

Write to your Democratic leaders and let them know that they are not there to support Dubya. They were elected to represent Democratic ideals. A tremendous amount of effort has been expended to get them there. If they are going to support Republican interests at the expense of our country's security and long-term well being we might as well quit now and spend more time in other pursuits.

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - Martin Luther King Jr.

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