Media Disconnect

By Wayne Spencer - December 26, 2001

During the last few weeks I have been reflecting upon the overall political scene, both state and federal, trying hard to make some kind of sense of it all. It isn't easy to keep my focus. I have come to the conclusion that it isn't my fault entirely. I have been bedazzled by the Administration in concert with television news to misdirect. Magicians do it all the time, getting me to look at one thing while doing another. I'm a real sucker.

Early on I had been reading about Enron and paying particular attention to its work in Florida lobbying for deregulation of this state's electric industry. See this website under Energy for part of the story.

Enron was one of the power brokers in the secret meetings with our appointed Vice President Cheney as you may remember.

For months I have been reading about Dubya's administration's involvement with Enron. Admittedly I was reading these accounts on liberal websites. The mainstream press and television made no mention of Enron and the Administration. Even when Enron went bankrupt only the bankruptcy was reported and not the political ramifications. That is until the past week when I picked up my copy of Time Magazine. There it was, an article describing the Enron-Bush Administration connection and the congressional investigation. A small article but finally a break in the silence in what could be the biggest political scandal of all time.

Yet, most Americans have not heard of this potentially huge scandal. Most Americans do not read liberal websites and I am afraid that most Americans do not read Time Magazine or any other publication past the first page and the sports section. I think most Americans get their news from television, and television news seems to be able to focus on only one topic at a time. If you remember before September 11th the biggest story on national news was Gary Condit. Remember him? Can anyone please tell me why that story played every night for weeks in place of hard news about the new administration and congress fleecing the treasury of 1.3 trillion dollars?

Since September 11th the national news media has been focused first and understandably on the tragedy in New York and not so understandably on the war in Afghanistan in minute, Pentagon spoon-fed, detail. Pictures night after night of Afghanistan caves being bombed is no news, especially when some of the footage is repeated. After a while don't they call that file footage?

And what is my point? My point is that I believe that there is a serious disconnect between events which Americans must know about in order for a democracy to survive and what the major news media, especially major television networks, report.

Maybe instead of writing letters of concern to our representatives, we should spend some time making it known to the media our concern with their poor performance of their duties as watchdogs over government.

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