"Join the Choir"

by Wayne Spencer - May 4, 2003

I haven't written my column for quite some time. Usually I write about something political in the news which might have some lasting value. The news lately has been very distressing and I am not sure exactly what I want to say about it just yet.

Recently I moved from Florida to Virginia and while unpacking I came across an announcement that I had made while a choir director, many years ago, for a small church in upstate New York. I found it amusing so I thought I would share it with you.

May I have your attention, please? I wish to report something missing. 12 o'clock mass is missing a choir.

Singing is a community need. And we need a choir to lead the community in song.

It seems like asking for a small miracle, but we need at least five people, just a handful. The only requirement is that you have vocal chords, which can produce a sound.

If God gave you a voice, it can't be a bad one. It may only sound bad to our imperfect ears. To God's ears all of our voices sound just right.

Please leave your name, address and telephone number with me when leaving after Mass. The line forms at the choir gate.

If you don't want to leave your wife, husband or children in the pew alone, sign them up too. A whole family joining the choir might be considered a larger miracle.

Choir rehearsals are on Wednesday at 7:30 PM right here in church. We expect only that you make some of the rehearsals, one hour only.

Once a month we will have tea and coffee and something good to eat after rehearsal so that we can get to know one another better.

I am not asking for a lifelong commitment, but I would ask you to make this sacrifice for three months. After that you may find you actually enjoy it.

If I sound like a missionary appealing to you it's O.K. I think our 12 o'clock choir has mission status.

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