"Kucinich for President"

by Wayne Spencer - May 10, 2003

It is not often when a candidate stands out in the crowd as does Dennis Kucinich. The last time I jumped onto a presidential candidate's bandwagon so early was for Jack Kennedy. Since that time I have been very cautious about who I support.

In the case of Dennis Kucinich I feel very strongly that he is the right candidate for the Democratic nomination. One of the things that I have learned to look for in a political candidate is consistency. Dennis has been very consistent throughout his political career. He has stood by his principles often when he could have scored political points by joining with the conventional wisdom of the day. Here are my reasons for supporting Congressman Kucinich:

These choices will not bring Dennis Kucinich great amounts of campaign contributions from big business interests, the military industrial complex nor from the wealthy and greedy.

Because of his track record, I believe that Dennis Kucinich will live up to his campaign promises. For all of the above reasons plus the fact that my wife, whose judgement I respect, came to the same independent conclusion. I wholeheartedly endorse Dennis Kucinich for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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