The Boy who Cried Wolf

by Wayne Spencer - June 28, 2003

When I was a little boy growing up I remember the story The Boy who Cried Wolf being told to me many times along with The Little Engine that Could. Both of these stories were of course meant to instill a value. The first one of course is that if you are caught lying then no one will ever believe you again even when you are telling the truth. The second one is that if you keep on trying, you will eventually succeed.

Probably most of my readers remember both of these stories from childhood.

I have a feeling that our appointed President George W. Bush learned the lesson from the second story about The Little Engine that Could very well. One of G.W.'s greatest assets is his ability to keep on trying until he gets his way on political issues. But sometimes a part of his trying so hard involves shall we say stretching the truth. So it would seem that Mr. Bush was never told the story of The Boy who Cried Wolf

G.W. certainly got his way on the invasion of Iraq. Having read every report available concerning the background information on Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction" and supposed ties to Osama Ben laden I have come to the conclusion that the administration lied to the American people and to the world. In addition, I do not believe that chemical and biological weapons at the present state of technology rise to the level of weapons of mass destruction. In my own mind they are not equatable with nuclear warfare. Chemical weapons were ruled out after being used in WWI, not because they were terrible but because they were unreliable.

Now it seems that the Bush administration is faced with another problem this time having to do with Iran. Again they are bringing before the United Nations the claim of weapons of mass destruction. The effect seems to be the same as I remember from The Boy who Cried Wolf; no one wants to believe him.

This could be a serious problem not only for Bush but for the entire world. What if this time the administration is right that Iran is building nuclear weapons?

I think it would help our country and world opinion if this administration would allow an independent prosecutor to investigate the source of the statements made by the Bush administration leading up to the invasion of Iraq.

As Senator Byrd said recently on the floor of the senate, "eventually the truth will come out."

Sooner is better than later.

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