The Weapon of Mass Destruction

By Wayne Spencer - December 16, 2003

Probably every tyrant in history has used this weapon of mass destruction. Certainly Hitler used it. It is well documented. His weapon of mass destruction was directly and indirectly responsible for approximately sixty million lives lost, tens of millions of others left without a life worth living and the mass destruction of much of the world.

It is also widely reported that George W. Bush is now using it. So far he has successfully used to kill about forty thousand people, maiming even more and destroying the world for millions others.

You certainly must remember hearing about this weapon recently. We heard it as "Iraq was responsible for 9/11", "Iraq was buying uranium from Niger", "Iraq was importing aluminum tubes suitable for making centrifuges for the production of weapons-grade nuclear material", "Sadam Hussein was helping the Al-quida", "Jessica Lynch was a hero who was being mistreated by the Iraqi doctors at a Baghdad hospital and had to be rescued in a daring raid by special forces", "Iraq had mobile trailers capable of producing biological and chemical weapons" and "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction."

By now you understand that the real weapon of mass destruction is the lie.

We know that Iraq had nothing to do with the terrible attack on 9/11. We know that the letters describing the sale of uranium by Niger to Iraq were crude forgeries. The imported aluminum tubes were not suitable for nuclear centrifuges. We know that Sudam Hussein and the Al Quida were on opposite sides of the secular versus Muslim fundamentalism struggle. We know that Jessica Lynch was treated well by the Iraqi doctors and that they tried to get her back to the Americans. We know that a company in the United Kingdom sold the trailers in question to Iraq and that they were used for filling weather and reconnaissance balloons with helium. We cannot prove a negative, but prudent minds by now have determined that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction.

This is just a partial list of the lies concerning foreign policy coming from the administration. There are even more lies pouring forth regarding domestic policy.

My reason for writing this commentary is not really just about the lies. My reason for writing this is due to the fact that these and other lies seem to make no difference to the American public. You would have to be living in total isolation not to know about these lies. Why is the American public not outraged by these lies as most of the world is? Why has the behavior of George W. Bush enraged most of the world including our neighbors: Canada and Mexico but not here in the United States?

Of the nine Democratic candidates for President, only three seem to be outraged by the actions and lies of the Bush administration.

Sunday night when leaving a Christmas party, one of the guests noticed my bumper sticker which reads: "No More Bushit" and he asked, "What does that mean?" I figured if he really didn't know he would have to be brain dead.

Maybe a psychiatrist could explain what accounts for the majority of an entire nation to be in denial. It wasn't that long ago that we were asking the same question about the people of Germany.

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