Don't Trust the Corporate Press

By Wayne Spencer - January 16, 2004

At what point will the American public wake up and take notice that the mainstream media (corporate press) is interfering with rather than reporting our elections.

It has become quite evident that the corporate press does not want a liberal Democratic candidate running in the 2004 presidential election.

Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich have done admiral jobs of grass root campaigning. Kucinich, even though he is a four term congressman never got the coverage from the mainstream press that his presentation of the issues deserved, even though he is widely praised in the alternate media. Howard Dean did get the attention of the corporate press, but now at the very start of the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary they are tearing him apart. The mainstream media, including even NPR is joining in a chorus of talking Dean down and talking Kerry and Edwards up. When they get to New Hampshire they will be talking up Wesley Clark.

The media people know that near the eve of the primaries is the time when a large number of people, who do not pay attention to politics, will listen to the big media message and will go along with what they hear. It happens every time.

The media coverage sways the voters who have not been paying attention. Then, the new poll numbers are announced that tell us that the media was right in their predictions. I call it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

My prediction is that the mainstream media will bounce from candidate to candidate until they get the Democratic candidate that is everything they want.. Joe Lieberman. Yes Leiberman is definitely pro-Israel, pro-war, pro-insurance companies.. pro-establishment. The perfect Republican's Democrat.

If you think that Dean has a chance against the mainstream corporate media, think again. No, we will again get a watered down, Republican-Lite Democratic candidate. And again at election time the liberal voting public will stay away from the polls because they don't see any real difference in the candidates, because there won't be.

If you don't think the corporate media has a political agenda may I remind you that the biggest news story is that the president lied to start an illegal war in Iraq and was planning for the war just ten days after his inauguration the news of which has recently been confirmed by Paul O'Neal, a Republican and an administration insider. The mainstream news should be talking impeachment. Clinton's lie didn't result in the killing of thousands of inocent people.

Yet the news media has concentrated on bashing the front runner of the Democratic candidates.

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