The Great Train Wreck

by Wayne Spencer - July 26, 2004
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It has been a long while since I have written political commentary. When I was writing on a more regular basis, I thought that it was important to speak out against the Bush administration while others were not. More recently criticism of the Bush administration has seeped into some of the mainstream media. So why have I chosen now to speak out anew? I hope the answer to this question will become evident in the following paragraphs.

While I am not a cartoonist, I can perceive them in my mind. The one that I see now has Bush gleefully pulling on the whistle cord of a speeding steam locomotive. The throttle is broken in the wide open position as the train streaks out of control across the land. At the same time Rumsfeld is shoveling coal on the fire at a furious pace and Cheney, while dreaming about the wealth that will be his when they reach their destination, is shouting profanities at both the engineer and the fireman that they have to go faster.

Unfortunately, GW Bush unlike his father does not suffer from lack of vision. No, the junior Bush sees his destination of world dominance very clearly on the other side of a great abyss. What he does not see is that the bridge to world dominance has not and cannot be built. His vision is an illusion.

Meanwhile back in the train sit the American public. We are being entertained by the TV media with action movies and sporting events. The news about our destination is always upbeat. Detractors are silenced and the flags are waved.

Some of the more serious folk in other cars are listening to their religious leaders talk of faith in God and obedience to authority while waving the flag.

A few in one of the cars are very concerned about the direction the train is traveling. They have paid attention to history and are aware of the imminent destruction which lies ahead. Sadly, they are not being heard even in their own party. They are being told by Kerry that even though we are going in the wrong direction we could make it if we added another more powerful locomotive. After all, who knows what terrible things could happen to us if we stopped?

I know that I am sketching a cartoon of doomsday. But I fail to see how the present and possible future leadership of this country is going to change, in any significant way, the direction we are heading.

The vision of world domination requires a total sacrifice of the American people. A sacrifice of life, wealth and well being. This vision is not of American domination but of multi-national corporate domination merely using the tremendous resources and goodwill of America to obtain its ends. These are not patriotic Americans leading us but rather the greedy corporate elite using the banner of patriotism to further their own goals.

Look at the evidence. The very people who are using America to feed their greed have been given huge personal tax breaks while their corporations are paying little or no taxes using so-called tax havens, tax shelters and loopholes.

At the same time the middle class is disappearing under a burden of taxation, loss of jobs and underpaying jobs. Due to the burgeoning national and international debt, interest rates are already starting to rise.

It is time to take back America. The America that stood for freedom, equality and justice for all. The America that I knew while growing up. The America that I read about in school. Not a perfect America, but one that was heading in a better direction.

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