Do Democrats Deserve to Win?

By Wayne Spencer - October 21, 2006
I am writing this commentary both as an individual and an editorial as publisher and editor of

At the time of this writing, I am registered as an independent. From 1960 through 2003 I was a registered Democrat except for a time during the Johnson administration. (political disclosure).

The question is: "Do Democrats Deserve to Win?" The answer is some do and some don't. There have been two very defining votes taken which I believe were votes to allow the President to act illegally. The first vote was to authorize the President to attack Iraq, a sovereign country, without the consent of the United Nations. This vote was clearly illegal. The United States is a member of the United Nations and a signer to the U.N. Charter. As such, the U.N. Charter is "the supreme law of the land" under Article VI of our Constitution. Therefore this vote to authorize war was an unconstitutional event. I would find it impossible to vote for any of the senators who voted to give the President this illegal authority. The only exception I would make is for the senators who have repented. The complete list of Democratic senators who voted for this illegal authorization are listed under the Honor Roll entitled "Roll of Shame." While our list does not contain names of Democrats in the House who voted for the resolution it does contain a list of Democrats who voted against the war resolution. The most important thing is to make your vote count. The time may be approaching when we will have to put more pressure on Democrats to do the right thing. No more business as usual.

There is one smaller group of Democrats who I believe do not belong either in Congress nor in the Democratic Party. These are the Democrats who voted in favor of the Military-Tribunals bill (S3930). This outrageous bill, now law, is as anti-American as anything that I have seen in my lifetime of 67 years. This law allows our government to torture prisoners and to hold persons in prison without charges, without a lawyer and without any contact with the outside world. In effect, this law does away with the writ of habeas corpus, the foundation of western society, without which the Bill of Rights is worthless. These twelve Democratic senators who are named here are not worthy to be called Democrats and should be purged from the party of Jefferson:

Likewise, the following Democratic House members also disgraced the Democratic party voting in favor of the companion House bill #508:

It should be noted that there were two Republicans who voted against Senate bill S3930 or House bill 508. These courageous Senators and Congress members deserve our support: In the Senate:

In the House:

Let us make it clear where we stand when we vote. Please do not support candidates that are not worthy of our vote. Remember the political coding: Conservative = Right-Wing = authoritarian = un-democratic. Progressive or Liberal = Left-Wing = democratic. Read Why Do They Hate America? for more detail.

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