Is G.W. Bush a Dictator?

By Wayne Spencer - October 22, 2006
David Wallechinsky's book Tyrants: The Worlds 20 Worst Living Dictators names G.W. Bush as the 21st dictator.

The Buzzflash Review of David Wallechinsky's book "he offers in-depth portraits of each of the twenty worst dictators -- and the governments they head -- currently in power: exposing their crimes, and revealing their strange personalities and mysterious backgrounds. Tyrants also reveals the extent that foreign corporations and governments support these tyrants despite their policies."

"One of the great ironies, of course, is that the Busheviks are in bed with about half the dictators in this book, as Wallechinsky points out, while declaring the other half dire enemies."

"What's the defining difference in how we treat them in terms of foreign policy?"

"It's whether or not they will play ball with our corporations, or provide oil and invest in America like the Saudis."

"To bring home the point, Wallechinksy adds George W. Bush as number 21 to his list, although he takes note to point out that Bush is not technically a dictator, because America is technically a democracy."

"But Wallechinsky then goes on to detail how much Bush acts like a dictator and what his policies about governing have in common with dictators."

Sounds like a book worth reading. But I do take issue with the statement that "Bush is not technically a dictator, because America is technically a democracy." If we define dictators as only those tyrants that were not elected then we would have to exclude Adolf Hitler. Also it is now quite clear that Bush was not elected. The 2000 and 2004 elections were fraudulent elections on a massive scale. The documentation is very clear.

It looks to me like we may be heading to more fraudulent elections in the future since we haven't come to terms with the past election fraud. In the meantime Bush will continue to stack the federal courts with fuzzy-thinking judges who could perpetuate this tyrany and the American public will be duped into voting for people who oppose gay rights and women's choice and other matters which should be of no concern to government.

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