We Do Not Elect Leaders!

By Wayne Spencer - November 7, 2006
Contrary to what our media keeps telling us, we do not elect leaders here in the United States. We elect followers. Yes, you heard me right, we elect followers. These followers are called representatives. Whether they are called Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, state or local officials, they are all our representatives. They are called upon to represent us. We the people of the United States are the leaders. Our elected representatives are our followers.

The corruption starts with the language. When we call these elected representatives leaders, we are giving them power that is not rightfully theirs. So first we should write to our local newspapers, TV stations and radio stations as well as all of the major media and inform them of this great revelation. Tell them to stop calling any of our elected representatives leaders. Dictatorships have leaders, representative democracies have representatives.

Yes, the corruption starts with the language but it doesn't end there. Our representatives have decided that they are indeed leaders, and as such can lead us and our country in the direction that will produce the most amount of power and money for themselves. Since our representatives are dependent upon financial support to be elected they follow the money. It is merely logical that they will accept money to lead the country in the direction that the financial interests want.

So let us first start by cleaning up the language and put our representatives on notice that they are representing us and not their financial interests nor the interests of any particular business group.

Then we should hold them accountable for their actions. If they are not doing what the public demands they should be tossed out of office at the next election. Party affiliation is no excuse for bad government.

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