What Local TV Can Be

by Wayne Spencer - August 17, 2007
I don't always know when or about what subject I will feel inspired enough to sit down at the computer and write a commentary. This evening's commentary is a rather unusual and unexpected one. Local TV should, but seldom is, a very important aspect of community life. When I think of local news for example, what I usually see are video clips covering fires, robberies, shootings and auto accidents.

Tonight I am camping at Letchworth Park in New York State. Being a bit chilly here tonight and being such an outdoors man, I naturally retreated to my travel trailer, turned on the heat and the TV. What I discovered on TV tonight was and should be an inspiration to all of us.

Channel 10 in Rochester, NY produced a wonderful musical awards program called "Stars of Tomorrow" which was inspiring, community-centered and yes extremely entertaining. The Rochester Theater League presented an awards program from all of the area high schools. It was professionally done with all of the excitement and glamour of the Tony Awards.

Awards were given from a list of nominees in all of the conceivable categories of the high school musicals and by categories of school size. Entertainment was provided by the high school players themselves giving evidence of their high quality performance in full costume.. from solo to chorus.

These kids were enthusiastic, full of life and inspiring to everyone who saw them. What could be better family entertainment then to see your local high schools performing professionally and being praised for their performance. Imagine the effect that this kind of programming can have on our young people and their parents. It might very well inspire some young people to broaden their horizons and think about trying their talents out when they get the opportunity at school.

My hope here is that my experience tonight can be transferred to you the reader and some of you just might renew your interest in local TV. Get vocal, call and write to your local TV stations.. send a letter to your local letter to the editor of your newspaper as well as the regulatory agencies. Please don't forget to send praise to any local programming that you see that is worthwhile to the community.

Readers comments are always welcomed.

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