Let's Play Hardball

by Wayne Spencer - September 21, 2007
We just witnessed another fiasco this week as the U.S. Senate failed again to support the troops and their families. It was such a modest proposal to extend the time between deployments. Again the strong Republican minority blocked the weak Democratic majority.

To top it off the Senate voted to scold the Move-On group for an advertisement that was aimed at the general who defied the American people by becoming a spokesman for the President.

It's past the time for the Democrats in Congress to flex the mighty muscle that the American people know that they have. How difficult is it to do the following:

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if a minority of Republicans can block a bill then a majority of Democrats can likewise block a bill from passing. No funding bill passed, no more funding for the war. It's as simple as that and the American public knows it.

Now as Chris Matthews likes to say: "LET'S PLAY HARDBALL."

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