Time for Real Reform and Economic Revival to Begin

by Wayne Spencer - September 29, 2008

Now that the dust is beginning to settle in the wake of the by-partisan rejection of the bailout of the rich at the expense of the poor, it is time for real reform and economic revival to begin.

It's time for our government to do the following:

(1) Put the New Deal financial market regulations back into place.

(2) Replace Henry Paulson with someone who has a background in macroeconomics and not just a background in speculative market practices.

(3) Immediately pass and implement a national healthcare system which is already in place called Medicare. Expand this working system to all. This will take the burden for healthcare from small business and uninsured workers while at the same time make the Medicare system demographically strong. This will have an immediate positive impact on the economy.

(4) Provide Social Security with the funding necessary to provide true retirement pensions for all Americans at age 65. This will have the positive effect of relieving the anxieties of millions of Americans who are suffering from depleted 401K's and broken corporate pension plans.

(5) Start implementing and funding infrastructure repair and replacement. Many of these projects have already been designed and are presently on the shelf from decades of lack of funding.

(6) Fund research and development of solar energy to help our energy needs and at the same time help to stem global warming.

(7) Build a national high-speed rail service. Many of these projects are already on the drawing boards and ready to go. We can no longer afford to be tied to an air only continental transportation system that can so easily be stopped nationally by local weather in one part of the country.

(8) Adequately fund our public educational system.

Some might call this a lot of government spending. I call it government investment that is long overdue. The latest financial crisis has proved that those in congress that were so concerned about government spending never blinked an eye nor asked where the money was coming from for the Wall Street bailout. So if no other good has come from the proposed bailout it has proven one thing. There is plenty of money available to do the kinds of things that will make America stronger and a better place to live.

What do you think?

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