Voter Registration Fraud and More

by Wayne Spencer - October 17, 2008

As a former member of the Lake County Florida Executive Committee I was personally involved in collecting applications for people wanting to register to vote which is exactly what ACORN does.

While there may be individuals who abuse the system, the people working to collect these voter applications do not and in most states cannot by law make any determination as to their validity. All voter registrations must be handed into the elections officials of the county. To do otherwise in most states is a criminal offense.

Only the election officials in each county can make the determination as to the validity of a registration form. The election officials check out the validity of each application according to the particular statutory requirements of their state and county.

I am dismayed by the deceit that I witnessed on the part of John McCain during Wednesday night's debate regarding this group who has been helping the poor for thirty-eight years. Senator McCain has been in politics a very long time and he knows better than this.

For one who suffered similar attacks at the hands of George W. Bush during the 2000 Republican Primary, you would think that Senator McCain would be more careful about his remarks.

We are presently witnessing a massive amount of fraud that was perpetrated against the poor and middle class by mortgage lenders. Making matters worse the American taxpayers are being fleeced ($700 billion plus) to fill the coffers of the wealthy.

The treasury is in the process of buying stock in the banking system. Sounds good until we find out that for every hundred dollars of stock purchased, the treasury is only receiving fifteen dollars of stock. You heard right. We are getting $15 of stock for every $100 we pay the banking institutions. On top of that these shares of stock are not voting shares.

Talk about class warfare, now McCain is trying to disenfranchise poor and middle class voters.

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