Another Distraction

by Wayne Spencer - October 19, 2008

Another distraction on the last debate. As if we didn't have enough meaningless distractions during this election what with the Bill Ayers and ACORN nonsense, now we have the Joe the Plumber nonsense too. If as Joe the Plumber says he will earn $250,000 then his tax bill will remain the same under Obama as it would have been last year. Under McCain he might pay more since he will be taxed for any health benefits that he may receive. But actual mileage may vary.

The problem is that it took up valuable debate time when the actual issues that effect the entire economy, people's healthcare, energy and the environment could have gotten more attention. It seems that McCain would rather talk about issues that will not be important after the election. But after the election, no matter who wins, the Americans are still going to have to face the real problems.

We are in a crisis, and McCain doesn't want to talk about it in any serious way. Everything he did Wednesday night was to distract the public from hearing a real debate of the issues.

In an attempt to try to take one issue, the economy, and explore the candidates position on this most important topic I found that the Obama web site had a detailed plan for solving the economic crisis and I invite everyone to go to the web site and read it. The McCain web site also has an economic plan. It consists of cutting government spending, except for veterans and the military. Put a freeze on spending as it were and cutting corporate taxes. He also wants to privatize Social Security for those people who will retire in the future. 401K's in place of much of Social Security benefits. He also wants to cut Medicare costs but he doesn't explain how he will accomplish this. The other economic items that he covers seem to be just more hype than actual proposals.

Check it out:

Barock Obama's economy web page

John McCain's economy web page

Take a look for yourself. Which is the solution that will get us our of what may be the worst mess since the great depression.

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