Reaction to Article: Voter Registration Fraud and More

by Wayne Spencer - October 20, 2008
Today I received the following reply from a reader who does not agree with me on the ACORN issue and other issues.

This reply was in response to my recent e-mail titled "Voter Registration Fraud & More"

In this e-mail I had given my own first-hand knowledge of how voter registration campaigns work.

I am posting the message and my reply:

Reader Reply: Obviously you are an Obama fan! Well Iím not so stop sending me these lies! I am sure the news canít be all wrong about ACORN. Both sides are guilty of all kinds of lies and I will not be swayed to believe yours.

My Response:
Per your request, I Have removed you from my mailing list. But when you state: "I am sure the news canít be all wrong about ACORN," it does make me wonder if you are getting your news from FOX and the right-wing talk shows. That's the only "news" media where I can find that conclusion.

Without mentioning your name, I will make your reply and my response public.

To say I am lying because I support Obama, you are insulting me. I would not lie for anyone, not even a member of my own family. You may disagree with me, you may prove me wrong, but to say I am lying is a bit over the top.

As far as being an Obama fan, you are not correct. I registered as an independent here in NC where we disclose party affiliation, unlike some other states. I only support Obama because I feel he is the better of the two candidates running. My first concern when choosing a candidate is his or her economic policy. As a student of macroeconomics I do know an economic policy which will help the economic conditions of America from one that will not. For this reason, I did not support either Bill or Hillary Clinton. Their economic policy was little better than McCain's.

The McCain economic policy is the same old mantra, give more to the wealthy and it will trickle down to the middle class and poor. It never has worked, not in the 1920's and not in the 21st century. The same laissez-faire economics that produced the great depression and other panics in earlier years all had the same economic policy causes.

But, back then they could plead ignorance. Macroeconomics was considered an art and according to Adam Smith a mysterious "Invisible Hand" guided the economy in ways we cannot understand. I guess we could call the old economic ideas "faith based economics."

Since the great depression, we have had the advantage of science to regulate our economy. Using what is now the science of macroeconomics we have witnessed a sustained economy in the industrialized nations for many decades. It is only since the rush to deregulate and destroy the progressiveness of the income tax, both required for a sustainable capitalist society, have we run into serious economic difficulty.

McCain wants to continue this unscientific method of economic warfare against the middle class and poor with more of the same. It is amusing when he speaks before a crowd of people in NC who are probably earning no more than $60,000 per year and he says Obama wants to "spread the wealth" and take your money and give it to others that he is actually talking to the very people who would be helped in spreading the wealth. Ironic. Like it or not, redistributing part of wealth from the top 5% to the lower 95% is required to sustain an economy. This is not economic warfare, it is just sound economic policy. Without this redistribution of wealth, eventually there will no longer be rich and poor, only poor. There weren't many rich people left after the great depression.

McCain and his base not only do not accept science when it comes to running an economy, they do not even accept science when it comes to evolution and global warming or even the fact that we have only a few years left of total known and unknown reserves of oil. "Drill baby drill" is their energy policy. Read the University of Colorado Professor Albert Barnett's essay on the exponential function. His mathematical work leaves no room for argument, save a divine intervention.

All of the drilling in the world will make little difference. We are on the steep downward side of oil depletion. The oil companies' scientists know this and that is why they are no longer drilling on the 16 million acres of leases they already own. There isn't enough oil left to make it pay.

That's why an oil man like T. Bone Pickens is putting millions of dollars into an ad campaign for wind and solar energy. That's also why Saudi Arabia and Iran, the countries with the most oil reserves in the world, are building nuclear powered electric generating plants. They already know that we are running out of oil.

The question is why are big money interests in this country trying to deceive the people. It is not surprising that in a recent CATO Institute, a conservative think tank, study of voter trends, they concluded that there are two groups of people who now call themselves Republican: those who consider themselves wealthy and those who favor the Republican social agenda and smaller government.

And who considers themselves rich? According to the CATO study people who live in a large posperous city who earn more than $250,000 per year consider themselves rich. While in a lessor populated area which is not so prosperous people earning $60,000 consider themselves rich.

My own question is how does a small government change the social agenda? Why do we want any government getting involved with how we run our own personal lives in the first place? Based upon the data, the government has grown faster with larger deficits under those administrations who got elected calling for smaller government.

In this election, in addition to those who follow the Republican social agenda I will add another category, which no one knows the quantitative answer to, and that is bigotry.

In former elections when there were economic downturns there was nomally a much higher differential between the Presidential candidates in favor of the challenger than we are seeing now. This can also be demonstrated in polls that indicate a landslide election against Republican candidates in elections other than for the presidency. I hope I am proved wrong. This time I really want to be wrong.

Wayne Spencer

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