The Power of the Corporate Media

by Wayne Spencer - April 16, 2009

If you ever needed proof that the corporate media and the Republican Party are joined at the hip, the coverage of the "fake" tea parties should answer that question.

These "Astroturf" grass roots tea parties are a real Madison Avenue type enterprise carefully orchestrated by the Republican Party through its many front "think tank" groups operating under dozens of great sounding names and funded by the wealthiest Americans.

The idea is to organize middle class people around the old banner of cutting taxes. One problem, the taxes of the middle class have been reduced under President Obama not raised. And if it is government spending that is bothering them, why didn't they protest over the spending on the Iraq War to the tune of three trillion dollars?

The other question is why the corporate media is covering these few thousand protesters when it did not cover the millions of protestors against the Iraq War? And why didn't it cover the American soldiers returning from Iraq when they spoke out against the war during their Winter Soldiers meetings? As Howard Zinn said a number of years back: The news media like the history text books don't lie exactly, but they edit very carefully to promote their agenda.

The corporate media is a well orchestrated propaganda broadcast for corporations and the wealthy Americans.

Until the fairness doctrine is reinstated we are all at the mercy of the greediest among us. The broadcast radio and TV licenses have been granted by the people of our nation with strings attached. Those strings include providing a public service to the citizens of this country. These strings or rules have not been enforced in decades. It is time that we held the corporate media accountable. It is time to provide more airtime to true grass roots organizations who represent the common person, the eighty percent of us who do the actual work creating real wealth.

It is curious that the Republicans had very little trouble passing out hundreds of billions of dollars to banks and so-called financial institutions. No protests then. No protests until the Obama budget and the stimulus package started spending money where it might actually help middle America.

The Republican cat is not about to change its stripes, just its tactics. Watch out!


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